Seeking Actors & Actresses
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Welcome to an addition of London Calling Ltd. ® .

We are a new resource, providing the entertainment industry with Extras otherwise known as “Background Talent”.

 Whether you are a producer seeking talent, or an actor - looking for work – London Calling Ltd. ® will meet your needs.

 If you are looking for some fun and excitement or trying to start a career - we may be your beginning!
 London Calling Ltd. has been contacted by movie producers to "discover" actresses & actors as well as extras for movies being produced in Michigan.
This is Real!


IF SELECTED TO BE AN ACTOR OR EXTRA - by a producer of a movie - we will suggest (if possible) that any hair changes these producers require -
if any - 
be performed at the salon you normally go to!
It is not our goal to "steal" you away from your current salon.
Our goal is to assist movie producers in "discovering" actors & actresses for their films! And, generate opportunities for 'new' actresses and actors in metro Detroit and elsewhere.

You will want to e-mail me and I shall forward information and requirements.
Thank you, I appreciate you and look forward to you being involved in the film industry being developed here in Michigan.
Norman Wagner

London Calling Ltd.® also produces metro Detroit's premier fashion show called the     REAL BIG HAIR BALL® Show.
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