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London Calling ltd. is a Michigan corporation, incorporated in 1985.
Located at 27380 Gratiot, Roseville Michigan 48066 U.S.A.
Phone (586)778-6379
We are registered with the State of Michigan's' Film Office for casting; extras. is a new endeavor started in 2008 resulting from our relationship with the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival.

Because of our sponsorship of the event and the contacts & relationships we have developed - we are in a position to help movie producers as well as actresses/actors.

This is our goal. To get those two entities together, here in Michigan.

Film producers require extras in every film they make. What they need here in Michigan is a "one-stop shopping" way of finding individuals to fill their needs. London Calling ltd. will be that place!
Producers will notify us of their needs and we will send them composite sheets of those individuals we have files on, that best fits what they are looking for. The producers will choose which one/s and contact them directly.

It may sound simple but (everyone I know has a big BUT) it really requires quite a bit of work.
And, as you may have heard -
"ITS' NOT WHAT YOU KNOW BUT WHO YOU KNOW"" that gets you work in the entertainment industry.
London Calling ltd. has developed "contacts" & "connections" in the entertainment industry that may become the right "WHO YOU KNOW" for you.

That sums it up "About Me".
How About You?

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