Seeking Actors & Actresses

Our goal is to connect film producers with actors & actresses.  

Most acting jobs we will be getting for those signed up with us will be as Extras - but some may actually be speaking and performing on sets!
This may be your opportunity to get "your foot in the door" of the film entertainment industry!

There are no fees paid by the actors or actresses to us - we get compensated by the producers.

Compensation for being an extra, in a movie, will be paid directlty by the producer or production company to the actor or actress.
London Calling ltd. is not acting as a direct agent of the actor or actress and does not negotiate contracts on behalf of those chosen to be actors or actresses.

There are NO CONTRACTS - with London Calling ltd.
that you are required to sign to be included in our list of extras that we will provide to producers. 
Contracts may be necessary and required by the producers of the film/s we find for you to work on.

You will need a composite sheet of recent photos as well as age, size/s etc. for our files.
If you need a composite made - we can suggest a photographer/s that can assist you with creating your composite.

After we recieve your e-mail - we will provide specific information that you will need to provide us with.
Those individuals under 18 years old will need a parent or legal guardian, in attendance,  when dropping off their composite.

We look forward to meeting you and getting you included in the film industry being developed - here in Michigan!
Email to;

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